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Nestled in Southwestern Ontario, just an hour to the US border, Chatham-Kent is a haven of natural beauty with a moderate Canadian climate. Residents enjoy a healthy lifestyle, supported by all the "big city" amenities that make it a joy to live and work here year round. To find out more about this creative and lively community, in the heart of the "banana belt" of Ontario, click here.

The Chatham-Kent Family Health Team consists of five Medical Centres that provide 360º health care by Family Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and integrated health professionals. The Centres are centrally located in key communities throughout Chatham-Kent, just minutes to two local hospitals. Each centre is bright, of modern construction and well-equipped.


Your medical career will thrive with the Chatham-Kent Family Health Team

The Chatham-Kent Family Health Team (CKFHT) is popular with physicians of all experience levels for our turnkey operation. Your office space gives you instant access to a fully-equipped medical office in move-in condition. You will be able to collaborate with other Family Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and a full roster of Integrated Health Professionals (IHPs) to provide comprehensive health care to patients of all ages.

Seamless integration of patient care

From Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to hospital inpatient services to nursing home care, both physicians and patients benefit. Our Family Health Network model embraces a mix of roster fees, fees-for-service and capitation, ensuring flexibility and sustainability in patient care delivery.

We prioritize quality over quantity.

There is no pressure to see high volumes of patients. Our on-call duties extend to lower-acuity Emergency Room cases through the Alternate Payment Program, providing a balanced approach to urgent care without overwhelming our physicians. Our practice does not include intrapartum obstetrics, allowing our physicians to focus on their areas of expertise and interest.

Minimal risk for a smooth transition into your new practice.

A well-established organization handling administrative tasks such as staffing and payroll, CKFHT provides physicians with stability and steady cash flow. Our comprehensive business plan, coupled with high demand and strong ties to our communities, further mitigate risk and uncertainty.

When we say turnkey…we meant it!

From secretarial and nursing support to IT systems and Acuro (Medical data records) set-up and support, we ensure you have the infrastructure to focus on patient care. You will even receive a laptop for seamless integration into our IT systems.

But work-life balance is critical.

And there's no better place to work and live, than beautiful, affordable Chatham-Kent.

Chatham-kent family health team Locations

Chatham Medical Place

20 Emma Street
Chatham, ON  N7L 5K5
Phone: 519.354.2172

Wallaceburg Community Medical Centre

30 McNaughton Avenue
Wallaceburg, ON  N8A 1R9

Howard Mutual Medical Centre

20129 Erie Street South
Ridgetown, ON  N0P 2C0
Phone: 519.674.2600

Dresden Community Healthcare Centre

530 Tecumseh Street
Dresden, ON  N0P 1M0
Phone: 519.683.4479

Blenheim Medical Centre

30 Chatham Street North
Blenheim, ON  N0P 1A0

Supporting Physicians at Every Step

1. Overhead Subsidy and Support Program: We offer financial assistance and support programs specifically designed for new physicians to help support overhead costs associated with starting a practice.

2. Mentor Assignment: New physicians can be paired with experienced mentors who provide guidance and support in practice optimization and billing procedures, ensuring a smooth transition into our healthcare environment.

3. Physician Support Material and Reference Guides: Access to comprehensive support materials and reference guides to assist physicians in navigating various aspects of their practice.

4. Financial Support at Select Rural Office Locations: Financial support is available at select rural office locations to facilitate access to healthcare services in underserved areas.

5. Diverse Opportunities: Physicians have the opportunity to work in various settings, including hospitals, emergency departments, and more, allowing for a well-rounded and fulfilling medical career.

6. Preceptorship Program with Schulich: CKFHT offers the opportunity for physicians to become preceptors with Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, contributing to medical education and mentorship.

7. Work-Life Balance: Our office hours are structured to promote work-life balance, with Monday to Friday schedules, allowing physicians to enjoy time outside of work.

8. Network of Integrated Health Professionals (IHPs): Physicians have access to a network of IHPs who collaborate to provide comprehensive care to patients, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment.

9. Initial Free Consultation with Financial Advisor:  CKFHT will arrange an initial consultation with a qualified banker, financial planner and an accountant to help new Physicians get established.

Contact Us

We welcome you to Chatham-Kent. Can we answer any questions for you? Connect with us today.  |  519-354-2172 ext 1317

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